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John crafts traditional timber frames with mortise and tenon joinery from local white pine. The dramatic, open spaces that timber frames are known for are made possible by the strength of this joinery.

Algonquin Timber Frames has built frames from Douglas Fir, Mountain Larch and Red Pine but typically local white pine is used.

We softly chamfer timber edges, use draw bored hexagon pegs and house our joints for strength and stability. We seal ends with a natural end sealer to reduce checking.

Depending on the desired feel of your home, the timber can be finished with a rugged, natural or more refined appearance.


We are able to offer high quality frames at very reasonable prices. Our investment in promotion and advertisement is minimal. Our business comes by word of mouth. We contract out trucking and crane services, keeping running costs low and reasonable.

John’s knowledge and skills developed over 44 years of working with heavy timber has enabled him to streamline the crafting of a frame. His wizardry with an electric chain saw must be seen – cutting exactly to the line, reducing chiseling time.

Loving what he does, John chooses to specialize in timber framing. He encourages clients to hire local contractors, who he will meet and work with to ensure all the details are looked after. He takes the time to hear your ideas and to develop a clear timber pre-design concept.

To discuss your ideas and pricing, call John 613-584-3806, he loves talking timber.

We build frames for:

  • 1 & 2 storey houses
  • cottages
  • workshops


  • sunrooms and great-rooms
  • garages
  • studios
  • screened porches
  • verandas
  • gazebos & pergolas
  • retail space
  • signage
  • stairs & railings
  • roof trusses

Accent Components:

  • mantles
  • openings between rooms
  • archways
  • eave accents